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Posted on December 23 2013

WOW, there’s only two more sleeps to go and then all hell will break loose at our house and I am very, very excited.


Santa would have arrived and will not be seen for another 12 long months and a mass of presents will have gathered under this years silver and red themed Christmas tree. My gorgeous husband will give me one of many facial expressions of disapproval at the truck load of presents and the more subtle silent look that communicates ‘he doesn’t need that many presents’.


Mr Mac (4 yrs) will be up at the sound of the birds chirping, which could possibly be 4am or 5am, we are hoping for the latter.  He will be non-stop chatting, jumping around, inspecting his loot and laughing. Good old Grandma will be staying as well, so she’ll have to be out of bed nice and early – ha.


Some new traditions are starting to emerge and we will run through all the items left for Santa the previous night such as the 'Magical Reindeer Dust' (a lovely mix of oatmeal and glitter) left at the front of the house on the lawn, 'Santa’s Special SNOW Footprints' and we’ll also inspect what was eaten by the reindeers. Then the present opening onslaught begins, the wrapping paper flies and we all get what we have eagerly been waiting for. Most importantly there’s laughter, hugs and a real happiness that envelopes everyone in the room. It’s Christmas and I wouldn’t change a thing in the world.


Merry Christmas to everyone on Wednesday and we hope you have a wonderful day filled with happiness, love and lots of delicious food. At our house Christmas morning we will have Four Happy Faces this year. We wish all your ‘Little Faces’ a very happy and fun filled day.




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